Why choose David Steele Physiotherapy when you search for ‘Physiotherapist in Motherwell’

If you search for ‘physiotherapist in Motherwell’ or ‘physio Motherwell’ in Google or Bing Search you get quite a few to choose from, obviously, you should choose David Steele Physiotherapy but not simply because I say so (I may be slightly biased).

I could tell you all about my 18 years of experience, where I have worked, how long I’ve had my practice, all the different skills I have including qualified to give injections, but while that would be all about me, I want to make this article about you and what benefits you will gain when you choose David Steele Physiotherapy!


Is David Steele Physiotherapist Any Good?

Obviously, I think that I am the best of the physios in Motherwell! However, that is not to deprecate any other physio in Motherwell it is just my confidence in my ability to help you with your problems. I have a wide range of experience and treatment skills that I have gathered over the years through extensive study and observation and furthermore, I have the ability to choose the perfect combinations of treatment to fix you quickly.

You don’t want to just take my word for it I suspect…
Therefore, take a look at these excerpts from the Testimonials Page on the website about me as a physiotherapist in Motherwell:

“Excellent 1st class treatment”

“David didn’t just tend to me at the appointments but his advice on exercises at home was spot on”

“Professional and respectful would highly recommend”

“He was amazing and very patient throughout every session. He was excellent in explaining each little difficulty I had with movement and offered great advice and exercises that I should continue with at home to help ease the pain2

“Top guy with a very professional service”

Parking in Motherwell

It seems like we all know how difficult it can be to park in Motherwell.
However, it is especially relevant that you don’t have any of these problems at my clinic.

Here is a snapshot from the Motherwell Times


I have not visited the other physiotherapist in Motherwell and so I can’t comment on how far you would have to walk with your back pain, twisted ankle or damaged knee but at my practice, you can park right at the door.

What About Other Physios in Motherwell

In the interest of fairness here is a screenshot of all the other physiotherapist in Motherwell that are listed on Google.
While I am sure that many of them are very good, obviously, you would much rather be seen by David Steele I’m sure!

Furthermore, it is very nice of Google to rate David Steele Physiotherapy the Top Physio Clinic in Motherwell.



10 Reasons To Choose David Steele Physiotherapy

Finally, if you choose David Steele Physiotherapy from your search of ‘physiotherapist in Motherwell’ I can guarantee that I will give you my best

  1. My best effort to fit you in as quickly as possible
  2. My best attempt to see you on time
  3. My best assessment of your symptoms
  4. My best to treat you as a whole person and not just a sore knee etc
  5. My best diagnosis of your problem
  6. My best treatment plan tailored for you
  7. My best manual treatment choice
  8. My best choice of Acupuncture points if required
  9. My best advice to manage your condition
  10. My best exercise plan for you to follow at home

In Conclusion


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