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I have many challenging health issues which can mask an underlying cause. David has worked his way around this to diagnose and treat the problems I have presented him with on many occasions over the past eight years.

You could never find a more knowledgeable, kind, discrete or friendly Physiotherapist and person. He is constantly attending courses of anything new that presents itself in his profession to improve and extend the services he provides and I should know as I have had all of them.

2nd February 2018

Sandy Love

Excellent 1st class treatment David has helped a number of our footballers of all ages recover and get back playing very quickly. Professional and respectful would highly recommend.

23 Feb 2017

Paul McNally

I was introduced to David through a third party and was in severe pain with the top four discs in my neck. After meeting with David and several meetings my pain left.

David didn’t just tend to me at the appointments but his advice on exercises at home was spot on and again relieved the problem. I have met with many physios in my time in the footballing environment but David stood out in his professionalism and diagnosis of my neck problem.

I would recommend him to anyone with any injury.

8 Nov 2016

Michael McLaughlin

I had a pinched nerve in neck and suffered muscle spasms, I initially saw a chiropractor in Motherwell but that was too severe so made my left side go numb and I got extreme anxiety as couldn’t walk far when I normally a very active healthy person.

I looked up physiotherapists in Motherwell saw this site and called David, he saw me next day and I told him my history. David did some gentle spinal manipulation and massaged area, I was no longer numb and the next day my anxiety and depression was lifted!!

I had more sessions with him and he massaged soar heavy bulk on shoulders. He also did some acupuncture which I had not tried before but highly recommend as that has solved heavy area! My pinched nerve is gone and I am happily now on the road to recovery and I can only thank David for this.

Would HIGHLY recommend, his prices are great and why wait so long for NHS waiting lists when it’s your health we are talking about. He is so easy to talk to.



Laila Shah

David was referred to me by a trainer at my local gym. I had a troublesome knee injury that was preventing me from a number of workouts and more importantly from enjoying my golf.

I visited David six times and my knee is so much better and I am working to strengthen it using some very simple exercises suggested by David. David knows his stuff and I would no hesitation in recommending him to future patients.

He is also a very nice man with a terrific bedside manner.

2 February 2018

Michael Towers

David helped me out with a minor injury, to get me back running and playing football sooner.

More importantly though, he identified some related root causes and gave me a programme of stretches and other exercises to help with future injury prevention.

20 March 2017

Alan Keachie

I attended David for Physio sessions this year after a car accident in May.
I suffered from severe neck, shoulder, back & lower back pain, so he certainly had his work cut out for him!

He was amazing and very patient throughout every session. He was excellent in explaining each little difficulty I had with movement and offered great advice and exercises that I should continue with at home to help ease the pain.

His treatment has greatly improved my mobility & pain and I don’t know what I would have done without him! I would highly recommend David to anyone in need of help to relieve pain resulting from injuries.

17 Nov 2016

Trish Patton

I thought my football career was over with an Achilles problem.

Now back playing thanks to David.
Top guy with a very professional service

16 Nov 2016

Barry Cowan


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